Welcome to my new project!

bookshelf-porn1Thank you all so much for your overwhelming praise and support. Some of you have mentioned, hinted, implied, and encouraged me to publish…

In light of that, and after a lot of research, I’m planning to make a go of publishing, bringing some friends to actual paper.

If you think you might be interested in reading a Mystery/Romance about a small town school teacher and a charming FBI Agent, your support (and your positivity) will be greatly appreciated. Any donations will contribute to the publishing of the paper copy of my book…


The Vampire is a serial killer who has eluded the FBI’s Predator Task Force taunts agent Cole Carson and his partner Bo Farina. Finally a tangible lead sends Cole to Indian River where he finds more than he bargained for.
Breezy Cavanaugh shows these ‘big city’ agents that her small town family – full of great minds, beautiful women and dark pasts – knows how to live, love and pull together in times of trouble. Now that Cole has found what he has been looking for, will he be able to leave?

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Thanks again, everyone!